Tribute to "Dear Lord Finesse"Updated 16.07.2012

Published on 15 Jul 2012 by douglby

This week, I made a parody music video criticising Lord Finesse for being a copyright draconian. Guess the fuck what. He had my video pulled down, claiming it infringed his copyright. Which proves my point more than anything I could have said myself. Techdirt has written an article on the issue here:

Anyway, in response to that, I got my Michael Moore on and have made this video. Ridiculously, I have had to avoid showing you any segment of the censored video, or of the song which I am discussing, for fear that Finesse will try to have THIS video removed too. With that in mind, please mirror and share as much as possible in case this one gets hit with a takedown aswell.

I have fought ACTA, SOPA, DEA and various other forms of censorship in the name of copyright. I will not be silenced by this kind of abuse of the copyright system. The DMCA is not supposed to be used in this way.

I still need to decide what route I will take in challenging this action further, but I want you all to be aware of what has happened. Please like and share this video. If you are a content creator yourself, read up on fair use and fair dealing so that you are able to defend your own rights should this kind of thing happen to you. Reddit:

This video is intended as a educational commentary and criticism of the actions of Lord Finesse and his legal representative, Brian Levenson of Schwartz & Ponterio, PLLC.

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Here is an alternative link to my original video which has been removed from YouTube. Judge for yourself: Direct download link: Dear Lord Finesse.mp4(right click, save as)

Without Further ado here is the video in question:

I would like to point out that youtube overlay doesn't work here :P

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Thaoh Myrdania.